E-design is interior design services offered remotely via online, and sometimes requires a phone consultation. This type of service is an affordable alternative to our full-service interior design. It is a collaborative effort between the designer and the client. We provide design solutions, draft floors plans, create design/styling boards, and prepare your shopping list. Most clients who purchase e-design services are comfortable with doing a certain amount of legwork such as recording existing spatial measurements, receiving goods, building and arranging furniture.

What is E-design?


Once you have your E-design package, you are free to execute it on your own timeline with the choice to buy it all or one at a time. E-design is great if you are:
+  Someone on a restricted budget but needs to revitalize their interior spaces.
+  Someone repurposing the functionality of an existing space.
+  Someone who just doesn't know where to . start or what to do.

Who are the services for?


You will receive your E-design presentation package via email approximately within 2-3 weeks from our receipt of all your required documentation and items such as client questionnaire, payment, floor plan sketches with measurement and photos. Please note all change in scope of work will extend the design delivery time.

How long does the process takes?


We can work within just about any budget. That said, our ability to create a dramatic transformation will be determined by what you’ve set aside for the project. Of course, if you want items from designer vendors only, expect to spend a little more, and alternatively, if you want items from retail vendors only, expect to spend a little less. No matter your budget, your plan may include items such as a new rug, piece(s) of upholstery, occasional tables, lighting, window treatments and wall decor.

Do you work with all budgets?


In this case, we strongly suggest you purchase a design plan for both spaces. Spaces within open floor plans are separated by a line of demarcation. Spaces which open into one another tend to feel like a single space, and it’s impossible to truly transform the look without taking into consideration everything your eyes see in its single view.

If I have an open floor plan and two rooms are combined, which room do I select first?


We do not offer installation, assembly, or set up services for our e-design clients. We provide you with the design plan and written instructions so you can implement the design on your own as time and budget allow. There are most likely third parties in your area to hire to assemble and move furniture into and around your home if you are unable to.